Inter Milan’s Left Wingers

Football’s relationship with politics both on the left and right has been well documented. Those who wish to reinforce their ideology over those whom they rule or wish to, have never been short on using the sport for its propaganda purposes and Mexico’s socialist Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) are no different. The EZLN … More Inter Milan’s Left Wingers

Kearny – America’s True Footballing Home

Football and the United States are often seen as recent bedfellows, the MLS began in the 1990’s and the olé football of its predecessor the NASL didn’t begin until 1968, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a recent import. However you’d be wrong, its roots go back to the mid nineteenth century and … More Kearny – America’s True Footballing Home

Les Ulis: France’s Breeding Ground

For many Parisians who wish to spend their summer holidays in the South West of France towards the Bordeaux region and the Atlantic coast, they travel along the A10 autoroute taking in the architectural delights of Poitiers, Orleans and many other beautiful wonders of the French countryside. Before all this splendour however, they would also … More Les Ulis: France’s Breeding Ground

The Sky Is The Limit?

Home advantage is something that is often sought after in football by various means. In a game of random ball movements set against rigid tactical formations, home advantage offers teams of a smaller stature a levelling of odds against larger and more talented teams. Often home advantage is an artificial creation – noisy fans, poor … More The Sky Is The Limit?

Blood In The Water

Sport is defined by its iconic and unforgettable moments which are remembered far beyond those who competed in their respective events and within those moments are the photographs which encapsulate those individuals. Be it Ben Johnson holding his arm aloft as he crosses the line in the 100m final of the Seoul Olympics or fists … More Blood In The Water